Changing Agents

Most Landlords are under the false impression that once you sign a Managing Authority or lease agreement this ties you in for the term of your tenants’ lease with the letting agent.
This is not the case.

Agents don’t inform you that there is “No exclusive period for the on-going management of a property” only for the leasing aspect of the original transaction.

Changing or swapping agents is very easy and will not financially cost you, or your tenant, anything.

If you’re not happy with the level of staff turnover or lack of industry and legislative knowledge of your current Property Manager, making the change to Beck & Small Property is one conversation or email away.
Once you provide us with your instruction, and signed the appropriate paperwork, we will sort everything else out ensuring minimal disruption to yourself or your tenant.

Our office can arrange for the transfer of management of your property, even if there is a fixed term lease in place. You are not required to have any further communication with the current agent.
We will notify your current managing agent and arrange to pick up your file & keys from their office.

To chat about transferring management from the current agent to our agency,
please contact Richard Beck on 0438 926 851 or Bradley Small on 0424 642 613
or click here to send an email request.